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Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

Our qualified and experienced accounting professionals can help you to simplify the complicated accounting, audit and tax compliance procedure, and ensure your company is compliant with the rules and regulations. Not only filing the employment income and profit tax return but also the accounting and bookkeeping services can help you to stay focus on your business operation. All the annual requirements, such as preparing unaudited accounts, audited report and filing profits tax return will be done by us on time. You can run your business without day-to-day accounting hassles.

審計﹑會計及稅務服務 HKD 8,900

• 會計理帳及代安排審計服務
• 代辦會計及審計服務
• 100條內的交易量
• 已包括HK$500,000之內的營業額:
• 會計理帳(包括損益表、資產負債表、試算表、總賬)
• 經審計之財務報表
• 填寫利得稅報稅表及繳交至稅局
• 擔任稅務代表及跟進本年利得稅事宜