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Do I need to register my online business

Online businesses often can have lower startup costs. Investors making good use of online platforms such as IG/Facebook can greatly save costs and develop new customer sources more effectively. Do I need to register my online business in Hong Kong ? What should startup pay attention to when running an online business ?


Compare business bank account in Hong Kong ?

基於嚴格的客戶盡職調查政策和合規檢查程序,如今開設商業銀行賬戶並不容易。如何選擇合最適合的銀行 , 對於初創業企業尤其重要,想知道哪家銀行最適合您? 讓我們看看它們的不同銀行的服務和要求 !


Go Green! ESG is the new green economy

In recent years, ESG has become an important topic in all walks of life. Enterprises and investors have paid more attention to the development of ESG. Research indicates that ESG will profoundly impact the long-term performance of enterprises in the future.


All you need to know about Company Incorporating in Hong Kong

The growing trend of entrepreneurship in Hong Kong in recent years has led to the increasing demand for company incorporation services . How to choose the right service providers for your startup / business while saving costs? .Here is all you need to know about Company Incorpation in Hong Kong .


What is a Limited Liability Company (LLC ) in Hong Kong

In the previous blog on business structure, we mention the importance of choosing the right business structure for your business and the differences between LLC, Sole Proprietorship & Partnership company. This week we're going to highlight the types of LLCs and discover the advantages and disadvantages of LLC companies.


What benefits could Start-up company enjoy in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong, the opportunities hub in Asia, attracts investors all over the world as the base to start their business. People from China and the foreigners from the US and UK are the top three to start their business in Hong Kong. What benefits could start-up company enjoy in Hong Kong


Limited Liability VS Unlimited company in Hong Kong

What is the difference between LLC / Sole Proprietorship & Partnership company? When staring a business , business structure you choose influences everything from day-to-day operations, taxes personal assets and more. What is the key considerations in choosing a business structure ?


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