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Government Waiver Program - Three Years Special Offer Plan

Government Waiver Program - Three Years Special Offer Plan
3 years service fees : Service Fees : HKD 7,240 (Average HKD 2,413 / per year)
Total Amount:Total Amount:HKD 12,910 (Including HKD 3,950 Business Registration Certificate registration fee & HKD 1,720 Companies Registry registration fee)

The Financial Secretary proposed to waive business registration fees for one year and such Period was starting from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023. Local companies registered under the one-stop company incorporation and business registration regime will be reduced by a sum of $2,000 if the related incorporation submissions are made within the Waiver Period. Three years Business Registration fee is deducted from HKD$ 5,950 to HKD$ 3,950.

Service Items
⬥ Preparation of Incorporation documents
⬥ Provide company secretarial service (3 years)
⬥ Become designated representative service (3 year)
⬥ Provide registered office address and documents retention services (3 years)
⬥ Order green box
⬥ Preparation and filing of annual returns
⬥ Prepare AGM Documents
*(Please note that HKD 300 Compliance check fees is non-refundable ,this fee is still payable if the company does not meet the company background compliance check)

Add on services
Corresponding address service (3 years) HKD1,280
Prepare bank account opening documents HKD $980

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