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Transfer-in Company Secretary Service

According to the Companies Ordinance (“CO”) Cap. 622 , each Hong Kong registered company must appoint one local Hong Kong company secretary who must reside in Hong Kong or a body corporate that must have its registered office in Hong Kong. Company secretary must be familiar with the CO and assist in handling the statutory affairs of the company. The company secretary duties include reporting to the Companies Registry regards to any changes in the company structure such as shareholders and directors, as well as preparing board's minutes or resolutions for the annual general meeting and providing professional advice and advice on relevant statutory regulations.

Why do we need a Company Secretary?

⦁ Ensure that the operation of the company complies with the CO
⦁ Receive and reply to government messages
⦁ Apply for any changes to the relevant government departments for the company
⦁ Prepare and record the resolutions of the board of directors and the general meeting of shareholders
⦁ Handle any unexpected and complicated company affairs
⦁ If the sole director is also the sole shareholder of a company , its company secretary cannot be the same person

How to transfer your Hong Kong Company Secretary to Oceanus Dtrategic?

Oceanus Strategic one-stop professional company secretary solutions includes but not limited to company secretarial service, branch registration, change of business nature, transfer of shares, filing annual returns, and updat significant Controllers Registers. Whether you are planning to start a new business or you are not satisfied with your current Compan Secretarialservice, Oceanus Strategic offers you a comprehensive range of corporate secretarial services. As a professional company service provider, we ensure that your company complies with its legal obligations.Thus, we must conduct a compliance background check before the acceptance of transferring your company secretary to us. We will guide you through the process.

Transfer-in Package HKD 2,600 

  • Preparation of transfer in docs
  • 1 year company secretary service
  • Designated representative service
  • Prepare and submit Annual Return
  • Prepare and submit Annual General Meeting
  • 公司背景合規審查  (如公司不合乎背景合規審查,不設退還)  
Add on Service
  • Provide registered office service and Documents Retention (1 year) HKD $1,500
  • Provide corresponding address (1 year) HKD 300
  • Prepare bank account opening documents HKD 980 
(For Ownership more than 3 layers + 5 individualadditional complicance check is required , charge by quotation) )
*Not include BR renewal fee and AR submission and the government fee is subjected to CR and IRD
According to the Article 612 (2) (a) of the New Company Ordinance, only one member company does not need to hold an anniversary conference and pass the resolution to avoid the anniversary conference meeting

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